June, 2020
RENOME SMART is one of the first in Ukraine to introduce contactless use of cards in ATMs.

We continue to adapt to new living conditions, quarantine dictates. Technical developments of RENOME SMART minimize contact with surfaces in public places.
We’ll tell you more: the contactless ATMs that the company installs differ from ordinary ones in that they have an additional element on the front panel - an NFC module that reads and works on the principle of radio communication. This function simplifies the process of accessing the menu of operations and the ability to carry them out. The client no longer needs to insert plastic into the card reader, you just need to bring the card to the NFC-module for identification.

What are the benefits:

Transaction speed;
If the ATM fails, the card will not get stuck in the receiver;
The card cannot be forgotten at the ATM;
Authorization through Google Pay or Apple Pay;
The card is more protected from reading by scammers.

What is relevant in the context of a coronavirus pandemic, the card does not contact the internal surfaces of the card reader. According to it, the opportunity to “pick up” the infection from the cards that were in it before is excluded. And on plastic surfaces, the coronavirus is quite tenacious. According to a study by American scientists, from all surfaces it is stored on plastic for longer, and also steel - up to 72 hours or three days.

The first contactless card acceptance function we introduced for Alfa-Bank of Ukraine. The RENOME SMART development team has undergone a series of complex studies and test implementations of the hardware and software complex in order to make the equipment as reliable, convenient and modernized as possible. After eliminating all inaccuracies, this development received the appropriate certification.

About 200 contactless ATMs were installed in AlfaBank Ukraine, the bank ranks second in terms of the number of NFC ATMs in branches throughout the country. When using contactless cards or devices with NFC in such ATMs, all services are available to customers, except changing the PIN code: viewing the account balance, receiving a mini-statement, replenishing the card, transferring to the Alfa-Bank card, connecting the SMS informing service.

Our solutions work successfully at Sberbank and OTPbank. According to statistics, NFC ATMs are rapidly increasing the number of transactions and visits, especially during the epidemic.