June, 2020

We continue to adapt to new living conditions, quarantine dictates. Technical developments of RENOME SMART minimize contact with surfaces in public places.
We’ll tell you more: the contactless ATMs that the company installs differ from ordinary ones in that they have an additional element on the front panel - an NFC module that reads and works on the principle of radio communication. This function simplifies the process of accessing the m... Full text

December, 2019

At a time when global innovations are aimed at the development of cashless infrastructure and human instincts still can not abandon the idea of ​​“holding money in hands”, it is important for the banking sector to build a bridge between cash and cashless. And while in Sweden 90% of all operations are carried out without cash (even the purses of the Swedes are more suitable for cards than for banknotes). In Ukraine - 70% of the volume of all se... Full text

July, 2019

RENOME SMART Company didn't miss the opportunity to attend a one-day All-Ukrainian retail summit - the largest trade event in Ukraine.

We listened to speeches of the best market experts - Oksana Ferchuk (head of the business direction of the EVO company), Mykola Chumak (founder and chief executive officer at IDNT), Ivan Horuzhy (Analyst at Euromonitor International), Artem Shevchenko (founder and chief executive officer of Hubber), Volo... Full text

April, 2019

RENOME SMART with the new generation technologies has visited the international, large-scale exhibition Seamless Middle East 2019 in Dubai (UAE).

<... Full text
April, 2019

In March, the International Specialized Exhibition of the Retail & Development Business... Full text

March, 2019

The new Law "Currency and Currency Transactions" was adopted. Thanks to the active work of the National Bank, the financial community, lawmakers and experts began to live in the new conditions of currency exchange from February 7, 2019.

February 27, the Currency Forum 2019 was held in which we participated!

The forum considered the first practical cases of innovations: what has changed, what needs to be changed, what you should p... Full text