March, 2019
Currency Forum 2019 participation

The new Law "Currency and Currency Transactions" was adopted. Thanks to the active work of the National Bank, the financial community, lawmakers and experts began to live in the new conditions of currency exchange from February 7, 2019.

February 27, the Currency Forum 2019 was held in which we participated!

The forum considered the first practical cases of innovations: what has changed, what needs to be changed, what you should pay attention to. The program of the forum includes topical issues of the consequences and prospects of currency liberalization.

RENOME SMART during the forum presented a new development - CE 2000 is a software and a hardware complex for foreign exchange operations.

Among the possibilities of this device, in addition to the direct function of currency exchange:

- issuance of remittances from individuals from abroad immediately in national currency;

- validation of bills (does not accept false or suspicious)

- wide integration with the bank's ABS;

- remote monitoring of the technical condition and fullness of the cassettes;

- thermoprinter for check.