December, 2019
ATM with cash recycling function by RENOME SMART

At a time when global innovations are aimed at the development of cashless infrastructure and human instincts still can not abandon the idea of ​​“holding money in hands”, it is important for the banking sector to build a bridge between cash and cashless. And while in Sweden 90% of all operations are carried out without cash (even the purses of the Swedes are more suitable for cards than for banknotes). In Ukraine - 70% of the volume of all settlements - this is cash, and there are still places (for example public transport) where you can’t get around using the cash. Therefore, the story of how the financial sector should be customer-oriented and keep a good balance between cash and non-cash remains relevant.

In order not to increase the mass of cash in circulation, but to use it efficiently, there are new solutions that regulate cash flows - this is recycling technology. The RENOME SMART company is actively working in this direction. We introduce the concept of a technological and reliable approach in the closed cash flow management system. New solutions by RENOME SMART combined the ATM and the terminal in one installation and made it possible for the client to quickly and comfortably withdraw and deposit money on the card.

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