July, 2019
All-Ukrainian retail summit

RENOME SMART Company didn't miss the opportunity to attend a one-day All-Ukrainian retail summit - the largest trade event in Ukraine.

We listened to speeches of the best market experts - Oksana Ferchuk (head of the business direction of the EVO company), Mykola Chumak (founder and chief executive officer at IDNT), Ivan Horuzhy (Analyst at Euromonitor International), Artem Shevchenko (founder and chief executive officer of Hubber), Volodymyr Polishchuk (Marketing - Director of ZHZHUK gadget stores), Kyrylo Kunytskiy (founder of the international company Business Designer).

The speakers shared the secrets of a successful retail-2019, and also told what we need to know and we need to do in order to be ahead of everyone in 2020.

“Most impressed was Kyrylo Kunytskiy! A businessman with 15 years of experience in managing companies in the field of logistics, tourism, industrial equipment supplies, retail and IT. Kyrylo's signature piece is his own unique business technologies that work not only in his companies, but also successfully implemented in more than 8,000 enterprises among his clients. A lot of theorists, practitioners - units. Kyrylo Kunytskiy is sure that each company consists of the same set of management elements, and the owner’s task is to adjust their work, minimizing the need for personal intervention. He really, during his speech, gave important advice and knowledge,” - shares insights from the summit Irina Hofman, business development manager at RENOME SMART.

The purpose of the visit was one - to understand the retail sales market in Ukraine.

It does not succeed only due to a unique product or competitive strategy. The path to success is in the harmony of business processes and systematic interaction with customers.

The question was very relevant - where do you still look offline or online?!

We clearly understand that it became more difficult to fight for the attention and money of the client, but at the same time more interesting.

Today and now, the one who understands the tendencies and prospects of the Ukrainian retail market and skillfully leads the consumer experience is winning.

The market is expanding. Competition is growing. Business requires new high-quality solutions. RENOME SMART is ready to prove with years of experience in the field of innovative technologies and in retail, where our solutions are really necessary and important to the new consumer generation.